Dear Future Me

August 2, 2015

Some Hopes and Dreams For the Person I Aspire to Be

Dear Future {Me},

Looking back four years ago can be whirlwind – I hope you have no regrets. I hope your life is completely different from how it is right now; in a good way. Remember that at this very moment how excited/nervous/terrified you were and laugh. Laugh hard because you did it. Laugh because you earned what you went for and it wasn’t so bad; you survived the bumps and bruises. Congratulations. I hope you’ve accomplished the goals you wished for and made many, many more along the way all to be accomplished.


“I’ll look back on this and smile because it was LIFE and I decided to LIVE it.”

I hope you were diligent. That you kept the drive that you have with priorities and pursuing the things you love most. I hope you stuck with your major, and if you didn’t, I hope you found one that better suits you and makes you the most happiest. I wish for you to find your dream job while studying your major. I pray you never felt too overwhelmed or unready for what the rising sun the next morning brought – if you did I hope you prayed about it. Hopefully you stuck to the planner and remained organized. I hope you took the time to study hard. For your mother’s sake, I hope you remembered to take the time to call – or text– when you crawled into bed at night (she begged of you). When the old people asked how school was going, I hope you put on a smile, gave them a break, and let them in. I hope you asked advice from dad often and made him proud.

“No one looks back on their life and remembers the nights they had plenty of sleep.”

I hope you made mistakes and learned from them; good judgement comes from experience. I hope you stayed out past midnight with friends you’re glad you made. I hope you danced in your dorm with your roommate to music that was up way too loudly. I hope you went to the games and plays, even if it wasn’t the same as your hometown’s. I hope you partied hard and tried harder. I hope you had fun doing dumb things and unforgettable things. I’ll be let down if you didn’t keep in good touch with your brother and took him to do things up there. Please say you came home often (you’re only an hour away) and made your family feel important, because they are. You couldn’t forget how short life is. I hope you used everything you brought, and if you didn’t, I hope you gave it to someone who could. For your sake I hope you learned what clothes you really needed early on – say week one. I hope you stopped spending so often and found a job that means something – to you at least. I hope you interned your butt off every summer and made several big contacts. I hope you got an apartment or house with a few friends and I hope it was the best of times. Even though mom’s against it, I hope you got to study abroad one semester.


“Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.”

Think back to this moment and how worried you were about making friends; I hope you come out with a group of close ones, or one really good one (I hope you’re a future bride’s maid to at least one of them). Remember every person in your life either inspires you or drains you; I hope you chose wisely. I hope you maintained your relationships but never let them become toxic. I hope you loved hard and were easy to love. I hope you when you leave college, you do it with your soulmate – I pray he makes you feel wanted, loved, and protected always. PLEASE say you used the free gym and you are comfortable in your own skin. I hope the meal plan in the cafeteria came in handy. I hope you learned how to do laundry without having to call mom for how long certain things need to be in the machine just as much as I hope you learned how to cook without using the microwave. I hope you lived fast, but took the time to smell the peonies (your favorite flower).

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

I hope you lived in every moment and never forgot what it’s worth. I hope you chose kindness and laughed often. This life is ever changing and you only have the one. I hope you are more than prepared for the next chapter in life and I pray you know which direction it’s going. You are strong, you are intelligent, and you are independent. You have the power to direct your own life and I already know you will get to somewhere vast and amazing – now let’s do it.

As Always,




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