The Rush of Rush Week

September 6, 2015

The Good, the Bad, and the Greek

I know I know, I said I would never be a sorority girl unless I went to a big university – but then I got here. Orientation really opened my eyes about all the opportunities Midwestern State University had to offer, and greek life played a big role, it seemed, here on campus. I started to think seriously if I could do it. I had my doubts about the whole process; I didn’t wanna get in over my head my first semester away at college, yet I’ve never not been in a group that I could be involved with through the school and community. I went back and forth the whole first week I was at school; I would want to do it, but something always made me second guess if I was making the right choice. (If you know me, you know I hate making decisions, I’m always scared I won’t make the right one.) I went to an event called “Meet the Greeks” where I talked to and met a lot of sorority girls from the four sororities here at Midwestern, which was such a great time and so rewarding. After that I swear I talked about recruitment to every person I came across, but that wasn’t particularly my fault. I would be asked by strangers and acquaintances if I was rushing, which was at the time a no, and I would be questioned and told all about it, leaving no unanswered questions – by the end of the week I knew all I needed to make an educated decision. I signed up for recruitment the day before the deadline and there was no going back, (partly because I payed money to sign up). I was gonna rush with my two best friends.

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The night of the sorority meeting was kinda hectic for me. Since I had signed up so late in the game I wasn’t assigned to my group for recruitment ’til the day it started. Which for me, meant that I was suppose to go to dinner at 5:30pm before the meeting at 7pm to meet my group and be social. The only problem was I had class until 3pm and had so many things to do before the night started! I was in such a rush to be at the dinner I decided I would paint the fingernails on one hand and come back after the dinner to finish the other – only that didn’t happen. We went straight from the dinner to the meeting, I got to meet people and have my first impression having one hand painted *ugh*. Besides me hiding my ugly hand, I realized at the meeting that there are so many beautiful girls rushing, (like so pretty I don’t wanna be standing next to them when I meet an active member, pretty) and remembering I’m competing for a chapter with only 30 spots open while in a room with 100, I was severely nervous for the week ahead.

Night one of recruitment was Philanthropy Night and we were to wear our new “potential new member” shirts and learn about the different sorority’s philanthropies as we visited each room. The last thing I expected was loud banging on doors so they would open them, and loud singing in my face – which was exactly what happened. We went to four rooms, or ‘parties’ and had the sororities perform songs which they changed to match the sorority name and description, such as a play on “Sweet Home Alabama” to “Sweet Home Sigma Kappa”. The noise definitely threw me off, and they all had such high energy for a night I thought was full of serious one-on-one questions. We did sit down after the singing had died down however, and talked to the members so they could get to know us. Its a lot more nerve racking than it sounds, being interesting and giving a person everything they should know about yourself in a small amount of time isn’t an easy task. I found myself blanking out on words that you use in everyday sentences, even forgetting what I was going to tell them. I’m the type of person where I want everyone to like me, and knowing in the back of my head that I was going to be cut from one sorority that night was lingering in my mind as I spoke. Even though it was stressful, I found myself talking at ease and being completely comfortable while I spent time in Sigma Kappa’s party; knowing so many girls from when I met them at “Meet the Greeks” made me feel more at home and like I was talking to a friend. At the end of the night I had to choose who I didn’t want to come back and see tomorrow. I was relieved I got through the first night without peeing in my pants, starving to death, freezing to death in the waiting room, and falling asleep between parties.

Night two of recruitment was Values Night and was a little more fun for me because we got to dress in church dresses and do ourselves up nice for our potential new home. This time when we got onto the buses that shuttled us to the building downtown we were handed slips of paper, not to be shared with anyone, that had a list of who we would be visiting that night. I got invited to the three parties I wanted to see again, which was all good news for me. I did notice girls who were upset that they didn’t get invited back to the one they had wanted, and it was an eye opener at how serious recruitment is in all actuality. (I was hoping that wouldn’t be me.) On values night we would learn about what each sorority values, in hopes that it matches our own values. We also got to sit back and watch the sororities perform skits which were all hilarious. Again we were greeted with loud singing and rambunctious banging on the doors for them to let us in, then went on to have the one-on-one conversations again as well. On the whole, the night was much more laid back and fun. Talking to the sororities was easier knowing that they had invited me back and wanted to get to know me more. The night was over before I knew it, which meant we were to pick who we wanted to see again, and were also getting cut from a sorority for the second time.

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When Claire, Keely, and I returned to the dorms we nervous wrecks. It was actually really stressful to think that the sorority we wanted so badly could possibly cut us that night. We had seen it happen that night to other girls, and we felt at ease talking about our fears and what we said or did wrong with each other. We ended up moving Claire’s bed from her room across the hall from us into our room and under Keely’s bed, since she had space. We couldn’t think about not going through the next two nights together. We stayed up later than we should have, but we all slept better knowing we had each others back and were in this together – in the same room, ha!

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.51.52 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 8.52.03 PMThe last night, night three, was Preference Night. This was the most serious night of all because you only get invited back to, at the most, two sororities and you have to choose which one you want to join at the end of the night. We dressed in formal dresses and were glammed up to our best. There was no loud banging or loud songs being sung at each party. Instead it was full of serious speeches and tears from the seniors, and lots of love from around the room. It was now the sororities turn to win us over. We were only half done trying to impress them, we still wanted to leave a lasting impression. Luckily for me, I had known from day one where my home was, and I suicided my bid card in hopes that I would wake up the next day with the sorority that had picked me too. (Suiciding means that instead of putting a top one and two sorority, you only pick one. So if the sorority didn’t choose you also, you have no back up sorority as your number two, so you don’t get in one.) I figured that I didn’t want to get myself into something that I wasn’t 100% into, and so I was all or nothing for the sorority I loved the most. Sigma Kappa had just made me feel like a friend even before rush week had started. They were nothing but nice to me all through recruitment and I loved that they remembered me and wanted to be the one to have the one-on-one conversations with me. They also had great values (personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty) and a philanthropy close to my heart. One of their many heir philanthropies is raising money for the national Alzheimer’s Association to fund research to find a cure, and since I have a grandmother with the disease, I know how hard it can be on a patient and the family who goes through it. Making the choice to join Sigma Kappa was an easy one for me, my only worry was if I could only get through the night without getting a phone call saying not to show up tomorrow cause I wont have a bid card.

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As it turns out, Keely and Claire had also suicided for Sigma Kappa, we could share the unbearable stress together. Luckily we had some wine to cool the nerves, but every time our phone lit up we died a little bit inside thinking it was THE dreaded phone call. We had heard that they wont stop giving phone calls until 8:30 the next morning, so we couldn’t even get a good nights sleep because we didn’t know what our fate was. We kept thinking of the worst scenarios, and playing back all the wrong things we did along the way with reasons why they were gonna call us. It was hard getting to sleep, but the morning finally came and as we watched the clock pass 8:30, we knew that we were now sisters. (We were still thinking that we must have written our phone numbers down wrong, or they forgot to call us.) Now we only needed to receive our bid card to get to where we would call home everyday after.

After lots of anticipation, the officials let us reach under our chairs in our last meeting to grab our card and then we ran to greet Sigma Kappa. It was like Christmas morning, waking up to see what we got, and we got the best. The Sigma Kappa girls were already outside the doors waiting on us as we ran across the lawn to them. Their letters were adorable and their faces showed true excitement to greet us. We met the girls that pref’ed us the night before and they were holding balloons that had our names written on it. We eventually gathered in the sorority building and it was such a cool feeling to see the chapter room for my new sorority. After lots of hugs and tons of pictures, we were off to celebrate being new members by ice skating (which I tried for the first time and learned I was terrible at it) – yes I did bust. (Pretty sure I broke my knee doing some weird split thing on the way down.) A few slices of pizza, an hour or two of skating, and a few dozen pictures later, we were leaving the ice rink and winding down what was the perfect bid day.

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I am now apart of a sisterhood I will grow to love like family, and a group of girls that will turn into my best friends – and future bridesmaids. A sorority that is nothing like how they make it out to be in movies, and one that I will carry with me way past graduation. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to not only go greek, but to join Sigma Kappa. I know that I will be happy here among the wonderful group of ladies that I have met and cannot wait for all the exciting things we do together over the next four years. Rush week was everything they make it out to be, and the rush wont be over until graduation day comes. Until then: “S-I-G sig M-A ma, K-A-P kap, P-A pa, Sigma Kappa rah, rah, rah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, HELL YEAH!” -ΣΚ 💜

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