Unexpected Opportunities

September 29, 2015

(Sometimes the Best Opportunities) 

Opportunities can come along when you least expect them, often times in ways you would never think possible; at least that’s what I’ve come to learn. Recently I was on a shopping hunt for a dress I had to wear to a sorority event; luckily for all the new pledges, we were to find these long white dresses after Labor Day with a 4-day notice. Since Sewn Clothing Gallery was the closest place to campus to start my specified hunt, I made my first stop there. When I walked into the store I have to say I was literally taken aback by all of the gorgeous clothes and accessories the store contained, I was too distracted by furs, leathers, and sequins with all their new fall looks that I forgot about my long white dress – I had never been in a store with so much of my style before. I immediately went up to the two girls working and asked if they were hiring. At first said they were not and I was really let down, then one women said that I could go ahead and fill out an application because they never know when they will need another girl; I kindly obliged.

Back to my original task, I looked around for my dress. Although they had a white dress, it wasn’t long, so I continued my search all around Wichita Falls. When I say I went to every single clothing store I mean I went to every single clothing store. After a few hours of searching I gave up on a long dress and decided that the short dress from Sewn would have to work. The next day in my environmental science class, right in the middle of trying to find the PH balance of dirt, I got a text message from the owner of the store, Sarah. As it turns out she was the one I spoke to about working there and was asking if I was available to model in their fall look book on Sunday. Now I’m no fashion model, but if nothing else I thought it would be something fun to do – I jumped on the opportunity.

Being apart of the photo-shoot felt like I was in a Vogue magazine. From head-to-toe I was fully glammed – my hair was big, my makeup was fierce, and my clothing style was edgy. The photographer truly had an amazing vision for this look book and shooting it was a blast. Modeling the clothes came with ease – apart from wearing leather pants in 100-degree weather. With the help of disco balls, old albums, and a classic car, each style really came together. Unluckily for me, I had to leave early and miss the last style shoot to get to my sorority event, but I had no doubt the photos would be nothing but glamorous. After the photo-shoot I was able to come in for an interview with Sarah and she hired me, which was the best news ever because I could use a job – or rather money coming in at the rate I spend it. I started work that week, and it just so happened to be fashion week.

(All fashion photography by Devon J Imagery)










Fashion Night Out is a benefit held in Wichita Falls providing a fashion show by all the local clothing stores and allowing those in the community to come watch and support a local cause. Sewn was apart of the lineup and I couldn’t have been thrown into work at a busier time. My first day on the job I wasn’t trained, but rather was able to help style the models that would be walking for us on the runway at the show – does a first day get any better? I literally felt like I was dressing up Barbie dolls and met so many kind women along the way, including a newswoman I had watched every morning before school (until coming to college where I don’t have a TV in my dorm.) The day of the show I helped deliver and set up all of our clothing racks and clothes at the building the benefit was being held – I was able to be behind the scenes of a real fashion show! Later on after the fashion show Sewn held an after party where fashion show guests could come and shop the styles they saw in the show, and it was a huge success. Although crazy, Fashion Night Out was probably the biggest new thing I’ve experienced since coming to school in Wichita Falls, plus I’m kinda convinced I’ve found the best part-time job ever.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 4.05.31 PM

Its kind of funny to look back and think that if I had never walked into Sewn looking for a long white dress I never would have had the opportunity to work there, model, or be apart of a fashion show for the community. I do believe God has a plan for everyone, you truly never know how things will pan out or when a lifetime opportunity will come your way. I encourage everyone to get out there and try something new, you never know if it will lead to something great for you.

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