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Photos by Keely Chappell

This week I started my junior year at Midwestern State University! This year is so exciting for me because I’ll be attending mostly mass communication courses. After my first class, Electronic News Gathering (ENG), I anticipate learning how to record on multiple devices, edit, and make commercials, interviews, and clips. I don’t know if I’m just being a super geek but this excites because I know I will use what I’m learning in this class to help me become a better writer, blogger, media director and then one day a news anchor/style blogger. I am truly so happy to be doing this blog, it brings all my passions full circle. With all that in mind, you could say I had a great first day back!

There’s just something about getting back in a routine. I secretly prefer to be busy, but I may still complain about it later. My first day outfit was my usual go-to, athleisure-style. My comfy Nike’s paired with these super fun ankle-tie leggings and one of my Piko basic tops made this outfit relaxed and trendy. Let me spread some love on Piko. Piko makes all their clothing from bamboo. The natural ingredient in bamboo is called pectin and gives the clothing its soft texture. The natural drape contours to your body for comfort and you never have to worry about wrinkles because its wrinkle-resistant!

Not only was I super comfortable in class, I could also head straight to the gym or a yoga class in the same outfit! Piko’s are great for workouts because bamboo can actually hold 3 times its weight in water and dry 3-4 times faster than a cotton shirt would. Bamboo also has a hollow microfiber structure that regulates internal temperature, helping regulate the body temp and prevent overheating. While I styled this top athleisure, I could’ve easily pieced this top with with my favorite denim, a long statement necklace, and wedge sandals to have a total transformational look ready for the night. If you aren’t obsessed like me yet, I’ll leave you with this – bamboo clothing is made from plant cellulose, a natural substance, so it’s completely biodegradable. Fashion that’s good for the environment, I can get with that.

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Top: Piko | Leggings: Mono B | Athletic Shoes: Nike | Watch: Michael Kors | Backpack: Jon Hart

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