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So you guys I basically have the coolest job ever at Sewn Clothing Gallery because I get to do amazing things such as shoot for lookbooks, star in commercials and billboards, and even walk runways! To think I actually get paid to do these things while I’m in college is just crazy, I’m so blessed! I never want to turn down opportunities like these because even though they can be nerve racking and a little out of my comfort zone, they always end up giving me much more confidence than I had before with a once in a lifetime feeling. As promised, from my last Instagram post, I’m gonna give you guys a full recap on all the happenings from The Rocky Horror Act x Sewn Clothing Gallery runway show where fashion and freak collided.

The Backdoor Theatre, located in Wichita Falls, TX, is performing Richard O’Brien’s “The Rocky Horror Show” October 13th – 28th. If you’ve never seen the timeless classic, a quick synopsis: “A flat tire in a storm strands the innocent and newly engaged Brad and Janet. They seek shelter in the eerie mansion of a transvestite scientist by the name of Dr. Frank-n-Furter. Through elaborate dancing and singing, he reveals his ultimate creation.”​ To initiate some excitement for the show The Backdoor Theatre teamed up with Sewn Clothing Gallery to put together a runway show previewing the character’s costumes and Sewn’s new fall apparel.

The runway show kicked off at 6:30 but so much work went into getting the show to run without a hitch. Preparation for the show began weeks earlier. I was able to help put together the looks for the runway with my boss and owner of Sewn, Sarah Swanson. Sarah has such a vision for everything. Every project I’ve been apart of with her has included such out of the box ideas and they’re always so fun to work with. Each look for the horror show came together with style, Sewn’s new fall apparel is to die for (pun intended).

Thursday night, a day before the show, all those involved gathered at the theatre to rehearse the lineup, walks, and overall show. It was at our rehearsal that I as well as the other models for Sewn learned that while the actors carried out a piece from the show they will soon be performing, we would wait to be included in what would lead into the famous Rocky Horror “Time Warp” dance. We learned the dance choreography while there and because we weren’t expecting it, I became incredibly nervous to perform it the next night!

When Friday rolled around I began to realize all the work that was about to take place for the show that night. I worked at the store that morning and helped Sarah prepare the outfits with jewelry and final touches for each model. I then went from my shift at Sewn to Tangles Salon to get my hair and makeup done for the show. I was at Tangles for four hours, no kidding – beauty takes time. The lovely Leslie Cook took her time and worked her magic on each of us and sculpted our looks around the outfits we would be wearing in the show. She gave me this rockin’ rendition of a ‘french twist’ by crimping all of my hair, brushing it out, and with the help of several hundred bobby pins, she put it up.

Like any runway show, hair and makeup is done more dramatically to compliment the art of the look the model will be wearing. I had to remind myself of this after getting my hair styled because I originally panicked after it was done because I felt like my hair wasn’t done ‘pretty’ or the way I would’ve normally expected. As a model, you have to be prepared for avant-garde styles and rock them even if the look isn’t what you would’ve done yourself for a normal day basis. Once I put my outfit on, I fell in love with my hairstyle and thought that it was so well executed for the grunge/pop look my outfit so shouted.

The show soon started and the lineup was fierce. My first look was the more casual of the two and entailed this long metallic mesh top, knotted in the front, over a black strappy bandeau. Sewn paired it with their Articles of Society boyfriend jeans, clear-bottom, ankle-strap wedges, and this lip sequined clutch – perfect for the Rocky Horror show. Look #2 included this killer red and black mesh bomber jacket, over the black strappy bandeau, with black leather leggings, the same wedges, black pom-bon earrings, and this super fun lip-shaped rose gold clutch.

Once each look walked the runway, everyone in the show walked out together for the finale dance to Time Warp. I surprised myself by not messing up the dance and just enjoyed myself as the characters became the main focus on the stage. We ended in a circle-formation with a bow from the models and actors. I loved being apart of this runway show, its yet another moment I’ll remember forever, and opportunity I’m so glad to have had. Also, I’ve got to hand it to the cast of Rocky Horror, they are truly entertainers and though they are funky and spunky, they turn on their character when the curtain goes up and they perform, man do they perform. I cannot exaggerate it enough – go buy your tickets, this show is not one to miss!!

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All outfits styled by Sewn Clothing Gallery and are available in store now!

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