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This weekend I took a trip home to visit my family. The hour drive provided lots of countryside to clear my head and also remind me of little Graham, Texas in the fall. Graham will always feel homey and cozy to me. Holidays around here really feel like the holidays with lots and lots of trees turning, decoration in our downtown square as well as through the town, and special parades and festivities throughout the rest of the year. It’s cozy to me because it’s where I grew up, it’s where my family is nestled in the home we all put our hands into building. It’s where I made memories over every paved road in this town and where I come back after paving new roads.

My dad and I paved some new roads of our own when he put me behind the wheel of his 1931 Ford Coupe and taught me how to drive the oldie. The remodeled car sure is a beauty and really makes me wish I could’ve seen it in its ‘heyday!’ My dad and great grandpa work for hours in our garage every weekend on the Coupe and an old 1950’s model Chevy (everyone agrees they are borderline obsessed with the cars). The Ford Coupe is like a time machine on the inside, only it has air conditioning and a very much so working radio. But otherwise there is only a gear shifter, and no way to read it; you just need to know that pushing the shifter all the way up is park, then down to reverse, neutral, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st gear – y’all I was so proud to learn how and when to change gears in a car like this!

Since the Coupe is only a two seater vehicle, my dad taught me how to drive and then I took my mom around for a joyride, showing her I can still drive pretty dang good given no power steering or power break. We had the best time taking pictures for this blog shoot, we were on no time schedule and were just enjoying the car and having fun with each shot. I styled my outfit around these new red sock booties that were a steal from ShopRiffraff  at just $48 – plus, accidentally, they matched the car perfectly! I’m totally obsessed with them because I’ve never actually found a pair of red booties that I like, and I love a good pop of red in an outfit! Because they’re nearly sold out, I linked an even cheaper pair on sale at $29 below. I wanted to go for a cool, under-the-hood, car-girl look (if that’s a thing lol) for this blog so I paired my go-to black leather jacket with these totally cool Hudson tuxedo pants. I am so on board for unique jeans, one of my best friends gave me this particular pair and I fell in love with the black stripe down the side – the jeans make a regular outfit suddenly much more stylish!

Under my leather jacket I paired a simple, comfy white jersey tee over a strappy bralette, allowing the front straps to be seen through the v-neck tee. I played with the bandana trend again and thought it was just the right touch to this classic car shoot! To achieve this look I started with folding the bandana in half to meet the corners, forming a triangle. I started to roll the bandana from the top point of the triangle down to the bottom two points until it was a long scarf. I place the middle of the scarf to my throat and wrapped it once around my neck, bringing the ends of the bandana back to the front and tied them in a knot – super easy you guys!! I skipped a necklace and paired my red Kendra bracelet with my matching red earrings and my look was complete!

The shots we got from this blog photoshoot are definitely my favorite thus far, I just so love when the outcome is what I envisioned in my head to begin with. I’m blessed my mom helps me achieve the shots I want and puts up with me even when I’m being difficult to work with, haha did I mention it’s still not leather jacket weather no matter how desperately I want it to be?? She’s my person.

Before I close this blog post I just wanted to share with you all that I’m participating in the Wichita Falls Fashion Night Out (FNO) runway for Sewn Clothing Gallery this Thursday night! This night is the biggest night for fashion in the city and only happens every other year!! You bet I’ll be ready with a new blog post sharing the night with you guys next week! But if you haven’t done so already, be the first to know when I publish new blogs and sign up for email alerts with a direct link to the new blog – you can do so at the bottom of my home page if you’re using a cell phone or iPad, or the side of my homepage if you’re using a desktop!

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Red sock booties: nearly sold out, similar here | Tuxedo jeans: Hudson (similar with navy stripe here) | Leather Jacket: Jack by BB Dakota (similar style here) | White v-neck jersey tee: H&M | Strappy bralette: Urban Outfitters | Bandana: Walmart (holla its $1) | Bracelet & earrings: Kendra Scott, style now sold out

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