“something wicked this way comes…”

I am thrilled Halloween is just around the corner! I’m loving all the creepy decor and jack’o lantern covered porches around the neighborhoods as they prepare for little trick-or-treaters, it really feels like the spirit of Halloween around here – and also makes me wish I was was a little kid again. I still love to dress up and celebrate with friends for the occasion, I just love the whole idea of getting to dress up, make-up and be someone or something else for a night – it’s so fun! My boyfriend, Konner, and I have dressed up together the last two years and I love it. Though, it’s actually really hard to find good couples costumes. I brainstorm ideas that are creative, cute and not totally dreadful for him.

One thing I’ve learned when it comes to choosing a costume is to consider where I’ll be wearing it. I’ll never forget my first college Halloween party because I felt so out of place in the outfit I was wearing. Konner and I decided to dress as Noah and Allie from the Notebook and I was totally pumped for it. I thought it was so cute and I had it planned a few weeks prior to Halloween – a first for me. This gave me time to search for the blue, old-fashioned dress that Allie wears in the scene when she comes back for Noah. Konner had the perfect beard and hairstyle at the time to be Noah so he dressed in a white, button-up shirt with kaki pants. I pinned my hair up and drew my eyeliner and lipstick on like a true 40’s girl and we were ready to go!

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I felt confident with our outside-the-box costume idea until we went to the Halloween party. Compared to the other girls there, I had enough clothing on to cover 5 more girls! I didn’t even consider the fact I was at my first college Halloween party and no one questioned bra and spandex shorts as a legitimate costume.. Nothing against the girls who felt empowered to dress that way, but I certainly felt out of place and wanted to change into something that didn’t make me look like such a prude in comparison. Konner was the sweetest for ensuring me how good we looked together and made me feel confident with my outfit. Even now when I look back on that night I don’t regret the costume we chose, however I now consider where I’ll be wearing my costume to, to avoid the feeling of sticking out.

Some more great tips for dressing up on Halloween:

  • Use makeup to your advantage!! Halloween is made to be a little glittery, wacky, colorful and crazy so get creative and even consider looking up makeup tutorials on Youtube! Many makeup bloggers post a how-to for certain Halloween looks this time of year and a step-by-step walkthrough makes it super easy to mimic their job!
  • Dress for the weather. Basically this rule applies for everything, yet every year its freezing on Halloween and I always end up wishing I would’ve brought a jacket for my outfit or wore matching leggings/tights at least.
  • DIY costumes are cheap and original. DIY costumes usually mean what you want to be isn’t gonna be found in a Halloween warehouse, it’s an original idea, or it could mean you want to put your own twist on portraying a character. Whatever reason behind it, DIY costumes can save you money by only having to buy the necessary components to complete a look with pieces you already have!
  • Accessorize. It’s the little details that are the important in someone recognizing your costume or not. So wear the jewels, carry the prop, and draw on those facial details girl.

With all that in mind, I’m dying to know – what are you going as this year? Leave me a comment below and have a happy Halloween!

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