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Hello November! Gosh it’s so nice to say that again. It’s officially holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year, and I welcome it with open arms! November is wonderful for many reasons, I’ve always identified it as the month of change – good change. While for many January is the time to fulfill New Year resolutions and change mindfully, spiritually, or physically in relation to body image, November’s external change influences our internal change of heart.

While night comes early and dawn comes late, the birds part and the leaves fall in drifted whirls revealing the bones of trees, November makes it’s sneaky transition from the warm, crimson weather of October to the cold, white month of December. There must be some connection in the chilly and vulnerable nature of winter’s external change and our fall feels prompting us to be more consciously aware of our actions, words, and time spent with others. Maybe it’s the holiday spirit or maybe its coincidence, but either way November reveals itself as the time to ‘give thanks’ and appreciate what we have and those we have around us unlike any other time of year.

Thanksgiving is where all these warm feelings and good intentions come together, if you’ve read my earlier blogs, you should know that Thanksgiving is truly my favorite holiday. It’s my favorite because of my family’s traditions, family recipes and joyful spirits. If all else fails, I can count on a warm Thanksgiving dinner in my home with my family – nothing is better than that. It’s a day I look forward to all year and a day which my mom and I start prepping for weeks in advance. Since today is merely November 1st, I plan on writing more posts as the month progresses devoted to these traditions, recipes and warm memories of past Thanksgivings – so as I close this topic for now, just know I have plenty more to speak of the best day of the year!!

I wore this sweater on Thanksgiving last year and it’s still one of my favorite sweaters in my closet, it just screams fall! Its softer than any blanket I own and I love the detailing of the different materials on the front, the sleeves and the back – it’s like a bunch of sweaters made into one! If you look closely you can see just how fuzzy the sweater is, some pictures it looks like I have a glowing outline around me, but its just the fuzz! Because this sweater is older and no longer available online (I searched everywhere to try to link it for you guys), I’ve linked some similar styles below that are almost just as soft and fuzzy!

I paired this sweater with this outfit specifically to show you guys one of my favorite ways to style over the knee boots. Style tip #1 – styling OTK boots with shorts gives you legs for days!! Its as simple as a black pair of shorts, an oversized sweater front tucked into the shorts, and slipping on your OTK boots. Style tip #2 – this same concept works with rompers, just add a light jacket for balance! This easily piece-able outfit is great for the ‘in-between’ fall weather that’s still sticking around and as you can see, the styling of the OTK boots made my casual outfit look bold and well thought out. If you’ve never attempted this look, now is the time to change up your style for the merging of fall to winter.

Over the coming weeks of November I hope you guys take notice as to the many changes in nature and in our own nature of being. As we become more grateful and thankful this season, lets remind ourselves that there is always something to be grateful for and that gratefulness shouldn’t expire at season-end. Let us not forget that the highest appreciation is not just to utter words, but to live by them always.

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Sweater: similar at Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters | Shorts: BCBG | OTK boots: Halogen (similar from Steve Madden and Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn)


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