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I’m done with classes and finals, Christmas is less than a week away and it’s officially winter break for me – you can find me on cloud nine!! The past few weeks I’ve been feeling like I don’t even have the time to breath, I’ve been so busy finishing out this semester of college! I’ve gotta say, now that it’s break and I have 5 classes off my shoulders I feel stress-free and all around just happier. It can be insanely hard to find time for things that make you happy when you are juggling 15 different things and have 24 to-dos running through your mind at all times. In those moments we just need to remember that happiness is a state of mind – we have the power to make ourselves happy. I think our happiness is something that can come and go if we aren’t actively trying look on the bright side and make time for the things that bring us happiness. In 2018 I hope I do more of what makes me happy and I hope I choose to be happy, more.

Yellow is a happy color, maybe because I say so or maybe because there is fact behind it. Either way, it makes me happy. Believe it or not, these pictures were taken on a very cloudy, cold December day, but place a happy girl in front of a happy colored wall and you’re sure to see the sunshine! I was still on cloud nine in the making of these photos and I believe that with reflection on the good in our life it brings out the best versions of ourselves, the happy little Ara version in me. If you realize that the moments we are utterly full of happiness are the moments we are thinking about the good that is coming to us, you’ll realize all you ever need to do is reflect on the good in your life as a whole as apposed to the negative little thing happening in the moment that’s making you unhappy.

I know we don’t always spend time thinking about the positives in our life, we are busy people; busy is in our nature. In fact, most of the time our heads are so far away from focusing on our happiness that we can go days or months or even years being unhappy and just rolling with routine. Reflecting on the good in our lives can be the easiest thing you do in a day, but even that choice comes with the choice to do things that make you happy in the first place. If you find that you’re spending most of your day, most of your week, month or year doing the same things that don’t really excite you then, here’s your sign, do something about it!! If we have the power to bring our own happiness, lets use it. That means quit your miserable job, apply at places you would like, you shouldn’t dread what you put hard work into. Leave the boy/girl who doesn’t make you love yourself, inspire you to be a better person, or at the least, return your effort. Get out of that town that has you stuck in a rut and make a plan for your life, it’s completely up to you. Life is too short to spend your time on anything that isn’t bringing you happiness. You can’t put a price on true happiness but you can make it yourself in your own decisions.

My blog makes me happy. My decision to work at it every day either through writing or social media has made me more happy than I ever even thought it would. I took the big, scary leap to fulfill a passion and it was worth it. My blog is still small but its growing more and more each day. The little milestones I make with this blog, such as recently achieving 1,000 followers, fill my heart with so much joy, it continues to bring me happiness. I hope to grow an influencer platform that allows me to share my happiness, style, and heart with you guys – after all, if you can find happiness and use it to make other people happy, you’re doing something right.

*Not my own photo, found on Pinterest*

To finally get to this happy little outfit, I wanted to preview one of my favorite styles before the official start to winter that you’ll see me in all season long, winter whites! White is classy and clean, its a color that can be worn year round despite the “no whites after Labor Day” old rule that we already debunked earlier this year. White has a way of brightening all things and it brings a little sunshine to an otherwise dark season. Not only that, in the winter time white reminds me of chilly weather, a frost bit morning or a blanket of snow covering a field of grass, its easily a winter color just as much as maroon or hunter green. An easy way to incorporate winter white into daily wear is by layering! Here I layered this unbelievably soft zip-jacket over a basic white v-neck top for an easy outfit I could wear as-is for a more leisurely look or dress up with some nice jewelry and wear out!

If you haven’t been swooned into the white bootie trend yet, this pair ought to win you over like they did me! I had been on the search for booties that buckle up the foot like these for the longest time, I just love how this style edges up an outfit so subtly. I got lucky to find this white pair on sale at Nordstrom Rack for 50% off! While they are sold out now, I’ve linked some similar styles below for you guys! I paired this white bandana to play with the slight edge to this look – I just love finding ways to incorporate the bandana trend, there are so many ways to wear them! Finally, all you need is your favorite pair of denim, I chose these cropped girlfriend jeans I’m currently obsessed with, and your winter white look has the perfect edge for rockin’ street style.

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Soft zip-jacket: sold out, similar style from Urban Outfitters | V-neck basic tee: H&M | Girlfriend Jeans: Articles of Society | White buckle booties: sold out, similar white style at Nordstrom here and here, buckle-up booties in black at Dillards| White bandana: Target |


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