Bring on the night – NYE 2017

2017 flew by like a whirlwind. Looking back I realize all I’ve accomplished this year, all the adventures I took, knowledge I’ve obtained, lessons learned, and people I’ve met have made this year great. I wasn’t afraid to go after what I wanted in 2017. My choices to chase my happiness brought me just that. It’s predictable, that when we look back everything is different, but this year it really is. I feel it in the way I talk, the way I think, the things I’m passionate about now, the things I devote my time to, my residence and people surrounding me – I’m a better different. I’m confident in myself, I have bigger goals, more goals, I’m making my happiness, I’m driven and I’m excited. The stars are the limit, I’m ready for you 2018.

Advice I’ve learned from & advice I’ll be taking in the new year:

  1. Lack of passion is fatal. All my life I’ve been terrified of being one of those people that goes to a four year college, gets my career and doesn’t love it. I can’t be the only college student with that haunting thought. Which is why I’ve been so determined, especially lately, to do things that I am passionate about. I find that in the long term, its much more rewarding to be doing a job you love over a job you dread to make a big paycheck. Passion is what will get you excited to get out of bed in the morning, to drive you to do better and be better; lack of passion is fatal.
  2. Stop saying yes to shit you hate. This one is simple, life is short and your time is too precious to waste it on things that don’t make you happy. It’s one thing to be nice, it’s another to be a pushover. You always have a choice, never allow anyone to manipulate that. People that know your heart and use it to run you over need to go, they have no other agenda but themselves – which brings us to #3.
  3. Leave self-centered people in 2017. You know who they are. The people that only make time for you when it serves them a purpose. Those who use your relationship to benefit. Those that take and take but when you’re in need are nowhere to be found. Leave em.
  4. Love doesn’t sit like a stone. I’ve been in a relationship for 5 years. That’s longer than most marriages and if there’s one piece of advice I could share simply, it’s to never stop dating each other. Most relationships fail because effort is lost along the way by one or both parts. If you love someone enough, you will never stop doing those little things that made them love you from the beginning and you’ll continue to find new ways to show them your love. Love is not a stone, it is to be remade each day.
  5. Just go for it. If theres anything I’ve learned this year that has actually changed my life, it’s just that. First of all, there is no perfect timing, there is only now. Feel the fear and do it anyway. I started a business out of my bedroom this year, I went on my first flight ever and it was overseas (I know, crazy I’m almost 21 and it was my first flight ever), I started a style blog in which I post a few times a week. I was never ready for any of that, nor had any idea what direction to take or what to do next, but if I hadn’t of just did it I probably never would have. I’ve had several up and coming bloggers just like me message me asking how I was able to join so fast and what they can do to have the same outcome, my reply is always, just go for it and apply. That’s exactly what I did. At just 200 followers on Instagram and with hope in my heart I applied to and was accepted to affiliate.
  6. If you expect support, be supportive. We could all use more supportive people in our lives, it’s important to be supportive as well. Clap for your girlfriends, theres room for success. Even if you don’t always agree with your their decisions, have their back anyways and they will have yours. Loyalty is best earned, when you find your support group you’ll be glad you invested your time as well.
  7. Believe in yourself. Even if you believe you don’t have the power to change the world, know you have the power to change your own. At any given moment you have the capability to change course or begin a new journey. The people that tell you that you can’t, don’t want to see that you can. You can do anything you set your mind to, believe in that.
  8. Never touch anything with half your heart. Be all in or be out, half-ass is no good. In everything you do in life, give it 150%. Despite what people say, hard workers are noticed, effort is noticed. When you invest in things, wonderful rewards can come from it.

Along with some solid resolutions to introduce the new year I have a NYE look that’s sure to shine! I can always count on Sewn Clothing Gallery to bring a statement piece, it wasn’t hard to find my striped sequin dress here. The purple, gold, black and white sequin stripes bring the fun and the style, all I had to do was throw on a jacket! This cute, velvet ringleader jacket is Who What Wear, a new clothing line by the top influencer now featured at Target! I went with simplistic, dainty jewelry for a classy look – not to overdue the sparkle of my dress. Lastly, I paired black snakeskin open-toe booties to go with my black jacket. Have a safe and happy New Years Eve dolls, heres to 2018! *virtual cheers*

As always,


Dress: Ali & Jay | Jacket: Who What Wear | Necklace: Kendra Scott | Snakeskin block-heels: Very Volatile (sold out)


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