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Two weeks down in 2018 – have you stuck to your goals? I still wake up in the morning and think ‘its a new year, anything is possible.’ As I drink my coffee, can’t start my day without it, I get started with my day eager to take it on. I suppose all it takes to be a morning person is something to look forward to waking up to! Since the new year I’ve been working hard on my blog and looking at it from a new perspective, literally. After a lot of thinking I’ve decided to begin a new kind of aesthetic for my blog that I feel will capture my personality wayyy better.

For those wondering what the heck an aesthetic is – aesthetic is a Greek word meaning “perception.” When referring to photography, it’s a set of underlying qualities of the work of a particular artist or artistic movement. For more english terms, having an aesthetic can be the type of mood you want a person to feel when they look at your work (in my case my images). It’s the way the artist captures what they feel is beautiful, what they want the viewer to see/feel/understand. It sounds kind of poetic but it can be as simple as your favorite Instagram page using the same filter on every photo to make it look yellow and feel happy/cheerful.

It can be a struggle to find your aesthetic, it took me a while to find what I like and what feels like my personality. When I was first thinking about starting my blog I talked to current bloggers and I remember one telling me that I needed to find my aesthetic because it will differentiate me from other bloggers – she was right. In a space with millions of bloggers, it’s important to stand out! My new aesthetic will be more red toned and neutral, a lot of warm hues like a sunset! I believe it will make my photos appear more in the moment, fully capturing a moment. It will feel more wistful, happy and warm. Honestly though a picture is worth a thousand words so I can’t describe how I want it to feel to others, it will be different for everyone. I’m excited for the new change and altogether new direction! To check it out, I’ve linked my Instagram to the side bar and bottom part of my website! It’s mismatched for now, but a few more posts and my new aesthetic will begin to flow.

I found my striped top at Zara and loved it for many reasons! For starters it’s a basic piece that will help build my closet, I have so many ways I could style this easy button-up top. I’m also really into the pajama top trend right now and I love how this simple top can be dressed comfortably for an errand run or dressy for business. A fun way to style a basic button-up top is to leave the last two or three buttons undone and tie a tiny knot into it, which is how I wore mine, pictured above! I paired this top with the high-waisted pants I also got at Zara the same trip, loved the dark wash and where the holes were in the knees. These killer studded booties are from Sewn Clothing Gallery, always finding the best statement pieces there! I knew I had to pair them with a maroon top and I love the mixing of stripes with polka dots – it just works! Outfit details linked below.

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Striped top: Zara | High-waisted pants: Zara ( sold out, similar at Nordstrom)| Maroon studded booties: Sewn Clothing Gallery (some sizes online at Charlotte Russe)

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