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Breaks over and class is in session; I feel it all over.. It’s only been 1 week since college classes began and I’m already exhausted! When syllabus week stops being syllabus week, you know you’re getting old. I’m a second semester junior and I’m here to tell you that, in case you didn’t know, it only gets harder as semesters pass you by. I’m fully into my major, taking only mass communication courses. This is super exciting for me but also incredibly intimidating, because what if I’m not good at what I wanna do for a living? There it is, the thought that should scare just about any college student, ‘what if I’m not good at this.’ This semester is already shaping up to be an incredibly difficult one, and while I’m doubting myself now I know that no class could really scare me off from what I want to do in life. But for real, I’ve heard firsthand from the people it’s happened to that Television Production class was the reason they changed minors…

I should mention that TV Prod. is one of my classes I’m taking this semester and that I was handed 2 projects then went straight to lecturing on day one. Let me explain what my first project is that my professor said I should already be shooting this weekend…

  1. come up with a news story idea for a news package (a news package tells a single story with a single point of view with the use of graphics, videos, SOTS (sound on tape from interviews), and factual information presented to an audience like on a news show)
  2. find the right people I will need to talk to in order to obtain information for this story, see if they will agree to an interview
  3. prepare interview questions for said people
  4. set up a date, time and location to meet with said people
  5. set up cameras, lighting, microphones (all technology used in an actual newsroom that I’m still learning to work)
  6. shoot everything I will need for my news package
  7. Produce voice overs in our audio studio
  8. write the story, including information from interview
  9. cut and edit video from shoot using the program the real professionals use (still learning this program as well)
  10. have my finished video and news style script, written for video, to turn in
  11. I have to do all of this by myself 🙂
  12. I just realized for the first time how hard it is to make broadcast language understandable for people who don’t know it and I apologize for the hack job I did on explaining it for those that do.

My professor says that real reporters nowadays really are one-man-shows like this. They do all of this on the daily so we need to learn to do every position on our own. So yeah.. I’m overwhelmed by just that one class and I have others on top of it with piling work too. It’s enough to question if you’re cut out for this type of work, news reporting. Because while my first project seems incredibly difficult, it’s like my professor put it; a real reporter would be doing this on the daily. Thinking like that can be intimidating.. I have to remind myself, I’M STILL IN COLLEGE. I’m here to learn all this stuff. I will learn it. Practice makes perfect. It should be hard to me!! It’s new and I’m not a real reporter yet. The right path isn’t the easiest one – I have to keep an eye on my endgame. One day I will be a news anchor on a news channel and I’ll think back to these times that I found challenging and laugh at the fact that ever I doubted myself.

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” – Karim Seddiki

If you’re currently in a similar situation in school, you also need to focus on your end game. College isn’t for the faint of heart, you are where you’re at for a reason. If you’re over the hill in your studies and you are growing concerns like I have, don’t freak out and make a rash decision you’ll regret, you’re getting into the hard stuff because you’re almost done! You will learn everything you will need to carry yourself in your career, rest assured. So breath and try harder. Try as hard as you can. Give it your all because if it’s really what you wanna do for the rest of your life, it deserves to be given 100%. So, let’s go chase our dreams — and do it in the cutest outfit we own.

“Your heart will always pursue what you treasure.” – Matt 6:20.

I’m sharing this cute outfit with you all because I have been so obsessed with cool denim lately and I found this adorable pair of Gianni Bini race pants at Dillard’s recently! I love the raw hem on the bottom and the distressed look on the thighs, but the white side stripes sold me on them – they’re so unique! I couldn’t find this exact pair anywhere to link them for you guys but I have linked similar pairs below! I paired the jeans with this oatmeal colored sweater with the prettiest ruffle sleeves and drawstring, almost like a sweatshirt. This top is so comfy and soft, it was a ‘worth it’ purchase. It’s also Gianni Bini, on sale, and I’ve linked it below! How cute is this furry baby blue bag? It was a “I’m not going to Target for anything particular” find. It pulled this outfit together and with the help from my denim and ruffle sweater, I had a good amount of texture in these pictures. I’ve talked about the benefits of texture in photos before in the velvet crush blog post!

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Ruffle-sleeve sweater: Gianni Bini | Side-striped jeans: sold out, similar from Good American, Mother, and Flying Monkey | Furry pouch bag: Target | Mule Booties: Target, similar from Sole Society

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