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I’ve been so excited to share my newest Dear Heart Designs necklace with you guys! This piece, called ‘Known,’ has become my favorite to wear daily and is a great conversation starter to talk about Jesus! What I love the most about Dear Heart Designs is the beautiful mission behind each piece of handmade jewelry. Owner, founder and creator, Nichole, started Dear Heart Designs in hopes of creating moments in which we can share our personal stories with others in hopes to spread the light of Jesus. Her own story of finding Jesus through trying circumstances inspired her to help others know Him, thus began the creation of conversation-provoking pieces that spread the joy and light of Jesus!

Though sharing and spreading the light of Jesus with others is their main mission, Dear Heart Designs creates pieces to evoke emotions. Their custom-made jewelry allows you to create pieces in remembrance of loved ones, a special date, inspiring words of wisdom, your dreams, or anything you would like others to know about you! I first came across Dear Heart Designs two years ago at a local event in Wichita Falls, Texas called Christmas Magic. Vendors from all over Texas come together under one roof to allow for the best Christmas shopping, all in one place! I was actually there working at a vendor (Sewn Clothing Gallery) but had some spare time to look around before my shift started. I wondered up to the prettiest little jewelry booth and saw Nichole hand-engraving pieces of jewelry for customers. At the time I didn’t have anything custom engraved for me, I had already fallen in love with a necklace from her signature collection. The metal was gold-filled, it was shaped like a spike, and on it, the word ‘fearless’ was engraved. Written on the packaging were the words, “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” I can’t tell you what it was about this necklace, but it gave me confidence like I’d never had before. I set goals, I went after what I wanted, I said what I meant and didn’t hold back, I stood up for myself, I got back into writing – big time, I carried myself better, and overall – I wasn’t afraid to be myself. Truthfully, wearing these words around my neck everyday taught me to be fearless. It was a daily reminder to be myself without being scared of what others may say or think about me. In a way, it set me free.

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This picture is from a week or two after I first got this necklace. I wasn’t even a fashion blogger at the time, just obsessed.

I literally wore my ‘fearless’ necklace everyday for a year straight (and still wear it often). I would think I lost it and be mad at myself for wearing it everywhere, and then I would find it and love it and wear it everyday again (truthfully don’t know how I found it each time I lost that thing). In fact, the event Christmas Magic rolled around again a year later and my mom sent me on a mission to get her a necklace just like mine. I guess you could say she saw it enough to want one herself! She wanted hers to be custom engraved with the words, ‘Thy will be done,’ because she was going through her own trials and tribulations at the time but trusted so much in God’s plan for her. She’s never admitted it to me, but I think her necklace inspired her as well. She had her daily reminder to let go of stress, pain, and hurt and let God.

I knew one day I would get another Dear Heart Designs piece, just didn’t know when. Then I stumbled upon one of Nichole’s newer designs, the ‘Known’ necklace. This piece was made for me. I’m naturally drawn to anything with stars, I’ve always adored them. To think we live in a universe filled with glittering, exploding balls of gas and yet, all the chaos seems so beautiful at our distance. All throughout history we’ve tried to analyze the stars; make some sense out of why and how. Overtime we’ve derived our own meanings and beautiful quotes from them – they’ve inspired us for centuries, they’ve given us direction, they’ve been our light. They paint the night sky with a beauty too divine for earthly words. I can’t help but adore their natural twinkle and shine, despite utter darkness surrounding them. I’ve already decided if I ever get a tattoo (sorry mom and dad) it’s gonna be a star, or two, or three. Heck, maybe a mini galaxy on my body – they do say, shoot for the stars. Until then, I needed this necklace.

I love that this necklace came with the verse from Psalm 147:4, “He counts the stars and calls them all by name,” it’s so beautifully true. Think of how wide and far the galaxy goes, farther than we can even fathom. More stars than we even know exist are out there, and yet, God knows each and every one inside out – just like us. There are billions of people in this world and we are all individually known by Him. The same God that made the galaxy and the stars also made you and I, that’s gotta make you feel pretty dang special. For me, this necklace reminds me in moments of self-doubt and questioning that He loves me, He did make me special, and He knows my heart. It reminds me that I should shoot for the stars and not be afraid of failure. Our freckled skies seem chaotic to us, just as our individual lives do most days of the week, but God mapped out those stars and he has a plan for each one – just like you and I. It’s a special daily reminder that is literally close to my heart. For that, I’ll always adore this necklace.

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Dear Heart Designs Necklace: ‘Known’




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