You guys, the past 7 days I’ve been Thriving!! I’ve been feeling full of energy (no mid-day crash), happy, healthy and less hungry throughout the day! I’ve actually been obtaining the necessary vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics, antioxidants, and amino acids that our body needs to function the last 7 days, and as it should, it’s made a HUGE difference in the way I’ve felt throughout the day! No I’m not on some crazy diet, to be honest I didn’t work out a single minute of the last 7 days, and I’m not taking some weird diet pill that’s killing my liver – my secret? Thrive!

  • What is Thrive?

Thrive is an 8-week experience with a 3-step product line from Le-Vel Brands made for anybody and everybody! It’s two Thrive pills designed specifically for men or women, a flavored Thrive mix that you mix with milk or water to drink, and a Thrive patch that you wear on your arm/chest/back up to 24 hours. Do the 3 steps as soon as your feet hit the floor in the morning and thats it, you are done getting your Thrive on for the day! It’s really that simple! Thrive is meant to fill the gap that each of us have in our daily diets where we are missing those necessary vitamins and minerals that keep us healthy and feeling energized throughout the day. Personally, I know I don’t obtain the right amount of nutrients that keep our bodies healthy (I’m sure my body was thanking the crap out of me during this one week trial). Also, #truthtime – I don’t workout. Like ever. Like at all. I promise I’m not just a lazy P.O.S., I just physically can’t at this point in my life (what is wrong with me?) and I haven’t worked out in over a year. *Cringes at self*

So, what I personally loved about Thrive was that it isn’t marketed towards fitness gurus. It’s not promising you’ll lose inches off your waist, and it’s not telling you to workout hard while taking the product or you won’t see results. Thrive was launched for individual lifestyle. This is for you moms, office workers, nurses, college students – any person looking for extra, natural, energy and to better their overall health; me!! Don’t get me wrong, though. Like I said, Thrive is for individual lifestyle. You can choose to take Thrive products that will enhance your workouts and lose weight if you are a person looking to get into shape! I’ve seen countless success stories of people getting in the best shape of their lives by using these products to enhance their performance while working out, I’ll get there one day but for now I’m working on living an overall healthier lifestyle.

  • My one week trial with Thrive:

As I previously mentioned, I tried 1 week of the 8 week Thrive experience but as I and many others will tell you, all you need is 3 days to notice a difference! I wanna say the first day I took the 3-steps to Thrive I noticed that I had energy equivalent to two cups of coffee, but that energy lasted way past the morning and into the late evening – I was almost worried I wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, but I had no problems falling asleep. I tried not to say I noticed a difference since it was only the first day and I didn’t wanna sound like a placebo case, but I really felt good. The second day was the same – I felt energized all day, not feeling tired at work and sitting down like I often do. That second day I also noticed I wasn’t hungry during my shift at work, I’m usually ordering food or snacking at some point in my shift but I didn’t feel like I needed to eat until way later in the evening. With my mind off food I was able to get off work and even get some stuff done before making dinner! (I usually make dinner when I first get home from work.)

I’m a person very much used to my schedule, however now that it’s summertime and school is out my days have been very jumbled and not very tentative to any schedule! I thought it might be hard to wake up at different times each morning to take the thrive products and get ready for the day, but I found it to be the easiest thing I do all day and I get it over and done with as soon as my feet hit the floor! The first day I took the Thrive women’s pills, drank the chocolate mix drink and applied the patch to my forearm I had done it all in 15 minutes of waking up! I learned the first day of taking the drink mix that I would be drinking it with milk the remaining 6 days instead of mixing it with water – if you’re a texture person like me, whole milk is what I recommend to mix it with! With a flavor similar to chocolate milk, it’s easy to drink and I actually looked forward to my morning shakes after the first 2 days! P.S, the strawberry mix has a very close tie to the chocolate mix on deliciousness (add fresh strawberries for added refreshment!)

  • To get your Thrive on:

After 7 days of Thrive, I’m ready for my next week to keep fueling my body with nutrients and to keep up this energy I’ve had! I basically spend almost every moment of my day with my best friend/roommate and she’s noticed a difference in my attitude and energy this week! I’ve been up to do a bunch of stuff this week and with her energy level the same as always she’s been giving me looks, I tell her it’s because “I’m thriving” lol! It’s just amazing how you feel when you’re not tired throughout your day and it’s amazing what you can get done when you’re feeling actually up to it! If you’re looking to Thrive there are two ways you can become apart of the experience! You can sign up as a customer using my exclusive link and purchase the 3-step Thrive process OR you can sign up as a promoter using my exclusive link and either buy for yourself or sell to your customers 100 personal volume (PV) of product per month to keep up the promotor status. As a promoter, when you obtain just two customers that buy from you with their orders on auto-ship each month, your products are free! I love the tiered system Le-Vel Brands came up with because unlike other tiered systems, you don’t need to try to have as many people as you can obtain to become your customer or promoter to receive benefits, you only need 2-3 good customers/promoters under you and 2-3 good customers/promoters under them for you both to receive free products and commissions and build a team that will provide you either free product or monthly income on the side!!

As a promoter you’re able to reach goals through Le-Vel Brands which include hitting bonuses for reaching PV milestones! For the month of May they’re offering a $4,000 bonus for hitting the 4K milestone, $12,000 bonus and a monthly auto-bonus for reaching the 12K milestone (they will send you a check each month to pay your car payment for a car they GIVE you – they offer you a BMW, Mercedes, Lexus, Cadillac, Audi, or Tesla) and lastly vacation getaways when you hit the 40K milestone. After the month of May, once you hit 4K your commissions go up. When you hit 12K they go up again and you also still get the auto-bonus towards a dreamy car!! It definitely pays to become a promoter for Thrive if anything but to get your own products free each month, which is why I signed up as a promoter! If you sign up by May 31st as a promotor you will receive $25 as a credit to buy your first monthly product! If you’re interesting in signing up or merely learning more about thrive visit my link by clicking here <—– and be sure to say you were referred by me when signing up so we can build a team together!

For all my local Graham, TX followers, there will be a Le-Vel Local event June 3rd from 6:30-7:30pm at Back Alley Boutique where you can learn about Thrive from members, be apart of giveaways and samples, and sign up as a customer or promoter! Save the date!

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