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Just wondering how it’s already like a week into June? I’m not okay with how fast summer is already flying by! With the beginning of June came the beginning of my online summer class and while I currently have no idea what I’ve gotten myself into, there seems to be a good chance I’ll figure it out before too late. All I know is online classes are cool because I can bring my laptop with me to the pool which is currently the only way to coax me outside the house and into this weather! I hope you’ve been keeping cool in these high summer temps, over the weekend my lil’ Texas neighborhood reached the triple digits, getting all the way up to 106 degrees Saturday! Honestly, that’s just rude. I may get used to the scorching heat each summer, but I’d rather be somewhere 80 degrees with palm trees.

If I can’t have the sunshine, sand, and beach waves, I’ll take this skirt and crop combo! I need to schedule a vacation ASAP because this look gave me all the tropical vibes. I found this Gianni Bini floral patterned crop from Dillards last week along with this Living Doll mini skirt, totally didn’t anticipate to buy this outfit but after I tried it on I couldn’t leave the store without it! Since I’ll be staying right here in North Texas most of the summer, I’ve shared tips below on how to stay cool while looking cute this summer:

  • Wear loose-fitting, breathable clothing. This includes dresses, tanks, tees, wide-leg pants, ect. It’s hot outside, you don’t want anything that will stick to you/reveal sweat. Loose-fitting clothes allow the wind to blow through the fabric preventing sweat!
  • Cut out the extra. I’m referring to accessories mainly – don’t stack your arm deep in bangles, layer on necklaces, or put a ring on every finger like you can get away with in other seasons. Any extra jewelry you have on your body will most likely just cause more sweat.
  • Bralettes >>> bras. Some padding is necessary but normal bras have too much fabric, padding and underwire – AKA everything about them is uncomfortable in the summer!! Bralettes are so light and have minimal fabric, they are great to throw on under tanks and tees!
  • Less is more. Not only is natural makeup in style for the summer, but wearing lighter makeup will allow your skin to breath, LESS SWEAT! Some easy tips for a natural: start with an SPF lotion for sun protection and ease of applying makeup, then apply a light foundation. Use blush on the eyelids for an ‘awake’ look! Put bronzer on the cheek bones and around the frame of your face, and put highlighter on top of the cheek bones, brow bone, tip of nose, and cupid’s bow. Next, just apply mascara and lipstick/gloss/chapstick (protect the lips, glossier is better in the summer)!
  • Hair goes up^^. Ponytails, messy buns, braids –  give me all the summer styles!! Dress your hair up with cute accessories like a head wrap or wear a hair scarf tied to your pony/braid, even weave it into your braid! Scrunchies are back and I’m also loving the newest trendy hair-holder, the telephone cord hair ties!
  • Two-piece means double the fun! I’m loving two-piece sets because that cute little inch of revealing stomach skin between the top and bottoms is also pretty breezy lol (crop tops included). But really, they’re super trendy right now and sets are the best when you can’t seem to find anything to wear in the summer, the outfit is already done. (remember we are interested in loose-fitting, two-piece sets!!)
  • Wear a hat, block the rays. Baseball, floppy, straw, cowboy, fedora! Whatever your style, you’ll look cute and keep cool when wearing a hat!
  • Sunglasses…always. This one is obvious, yes. But there are actually people who don’t carry sunglasses and they are wrong. Sunglasses + lipstick + tanned skin is an easy look. Protect your eyes and get cool tan lines, wear sunglasses. 😉

Let me know the ways you keep cool and look cute in the summer and if there’s anything I missed, leave a comment below!

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Crop-top: Gianni Bini (sold out, similar Forever 21, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing) | Mini skirt: Living Doll | Round crossbody purse: Michael Kors | Wedge shoes: Target



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