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IMG_7957If you’re from Texas you probably haven’t left your house for anything other than your obligations. It’s too hot! While we’ve been setting record highs for the heat this past week (last Thursday my city was ranked the hottest city in America with it’s 113 degree temp. – yikes!!) you can still catch me in summertime sweaters like this colorful, striped one. I’m not crazy – if pants are universal, so are my waffle-knits!

Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m always cold – I could be standing in direct sun and still have goosebumps. This is the glorious time of year that, while it’s blistering hot outside, it’s freezing indoors where buildings are overworking their A/C’s to keep up!! People like me are almost always outnumbered and left to suffer with chatty teeth and goosebumps while the majority keeps from sweating. On days that I know I’ll spend a lot of time indoors, I opt for pants with a tee/blouse or an oversized knit sweater with shorts/skirts.

Let’s talk about this oversized rainbow sweater — When choosing a sweater to wear in the summer, opt for brighter colors and patterns, and be selective when it comes to the knit. Obviously the most important thing is to make sure the sweater isn’t so thick that when you walk outside you’ll start sweating, but try opting for a waffle knit. The particular sweater photographed is a waffle-knit so it has bigger holes between the stitching and you can actually see through the sweater to your skin, making it breezy and perfect for summer-wear. In general, light knit sweaters are a good choice if you aren’t having luck finding a waffle-knit. Light knits are my summer sweater go-to’s and you’ll find that cropped sweaters are trending now as well (not such a crazy summer look when it’s made into a crop-top!).

I love styling an oversized knit sweater with a front tuck into jean shorts, it gives a slouchy/cool girl vibe! When I say ‘front tuck,’ all I mean is I take about 3 inches (in length across the bottom) of the hem that would hang down, and I tuck it inside the bottoms I’m wearing. This is a super easy style tip, but styling the top this way gives the whole outfit more shape, making it more flattering on you and gives your look as a whole a more put together/styled appearance. Fun fact: I front tuck almost every tee/sweater that I wear.

In just less than a month I’ll be rocking a slouchy, summer sweater in a cooler (super awesome) setting. I’ve decided since the Texas heat isn’t going anywhere, I am! I’m thrilled about my vacation to New York City with my mom at the end of August! Neither of us have ever been to NYC before so this will be a mother-daughter trip of a lifetime! My brother and his girlfriend are coming as well so it’ll be amazing to spend time with family in a place I’ve always wanted to visit. Seriously, letting my mom and I loose in NYC for 6 days is gonna be THE best – I absolutely cannot wait! I have so much I wanna see and do and there’s no one else I would rather experience NYC with for the first time.

Travel planning has begun! Here is my must-see list so far:

  • Statue of Liberty tour
  • Times Square
  • Top of the Rock in Rockefeller Plaza
  • The TODAY plaza in Rockefeller Center
  • Radio City Music Hall
  • Chinatown
  • Madison Square Gardens
  • Soho
  • Central Park
  • Joe’s Pizza
  • Serendipity 3
  • Wall Street – New York Stock Exchange
  • Grand Central Station
  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral
  • Upper East Side
  • The Met steps
  • Flatiron District – Flatiron building
  • Brooklyn Bridge in Dumbo
  • World Trade Center Museum

If you’ve been to NYC and have any travel tips/NYC must-stop places or things to do let me know in the comments below! I’ve got less than a month to plan a dream vacation!

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— P.S.

Upon linking my outfit for you guys, I realized my Michael Kors’ canteen purse is on major sale at Dillard’s!! Linked below 🙂


Michael Kors canteen purse: Dillard’s | Waffle knit sweater: Sewn Clothing Gallery (similar from Boohoo) | Jean shorts: American Eagle (also on sale!!) | Denim slides: Sewn Clothing Gallery (similar from Shopbop)

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