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I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been binge-watching America’s Next Top Model on Hulu the past two weeks (I’m totally obsessed with their photoshoots) and this shoot pictured above by my mom has me feeling on top! I’ve been so inspired by ANTM on so many levels – free modeling tips, fashion and makeup advice, and so much photo inspo! Tell me why they ever took this show off air? Also where to sign up if they ever bring it back?!

Watching this show has inspired me to work on incorporating more of my personal style into my photos and not just my clothing. Focusing on angles, movement, and lighting can totally transform a boring straight-on photo of an outfit into an interesting sort of aesthetic. I’ve kind of fallen in love with planning my photoshoots, it feels like I’m bringing a vision to life! Sometimes having just the basics, like the outfit and prop you’ll have, written down will spark ideas for locations, camera angles and lighting to explore for the photoshoot! In the photos above, I had my hair, accessories and outfit planned but had no location. I knew I wanted a pop of red to tie in my red lip and earrings, so after driving around for 20 minutes I finally stopped at this cool roadblock.

You can really tell when I started planning my photoshoots with how much better the photo quality got on my Instagram feed. I’ve noticed my photos look much more put together and thought-out, because they are. I also feel the photos totally capture my style and personality because I’ve been allowed to create this bubble of my world for the camera. It’s funny, I used to think by wearing a cute outfit in front of a wall mural I would be totally ‘blogger,’ but I’ve come to realize what I’m doing to set myself apart with my content is making me a better, more interesting blogger.

I’ll say it and many others will too – the internet/social media is saturated with bloggers. However, may we never stop welcoming them and allowing them that platform for their voice! That being said, if you’re looking to stand out or ‘make it’ in the blogging world you’ve gotta be giving something extra or something different. The girls that are making a name for themselves these days are fashion-forward content creators. Every photo is well thought out and planned and every photo is one of their best or it doesn’t get posted. I totally get it now. A piece of advice I received from a blogger when I was just starting out that stuck with me was, “don’t post a photo just to post it. Each photo should be better than your last.” It stuck with me because it meant quality over quantity – I no longer worried about posting something every single day.

I’ve learned what works best for me and my content. When I post on my Instagram 2-3 times a week, I’m trying to put the best content I can create out there. I’m trying to create interest in my style of content for long-term, and it all starts with a plan. I’ve seen the difference in how much it’s helped me, so I would recommend content planning to all bloggers out there. I don’t know why I wasn’t planning my shoots in advance from the start because I’m not the first blogger to recommend content planning. So just do it. Not only will it make your life a whole lot easier the day of your shoot, it’ll allow your creative juices to flow and I guarantee, make for better photoshoots!

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Cheetah print dress: Buddy Love (sold out, similar from Revolve) | Stud earrings: Kendra Scott (sold out, similar from Kendra Scott) | Black booties: Chinese Laundry (similar from Nordstrom)



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