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This week marks the sixth week of my internship at KFDX 3 News and the end of my internship altogether… I’m sad my last two days are this week because it’s the end of one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had to work in news broadcasting. I would definitely say being put in this kind of environment provided with knowledge I never would have had until I got into the field. I’m so glad it’s a graduation requirement of mine because I was able to see the real life to the career I want. I’m glad it’s made me even more excited to graduate and start my reporting career!

Gwyn Bevel, the beautiful afternoon anchor at KFDX, was my advisor and allowed me to intern at this news station this summer. The T.V. Production class I took last semester had me put together an entire news show over the course of a few weeks for a final grade – it was incredibly difficult, which made me wonder what it must be like for a full-time news station. I was blown away my first day of my internship by the efficiency the entire team achieved. They’re like a well-oiled, news-making machine! Every single person is doing their assigned job plus more to put together the best news show all day long, every day.

It takes a whole village – the news never stops! I came in everyday and asked those in the newsroom what I could do to help. Most days when I got to the newsroom I would assist Katy Garcia, one of the show’s sweetest producers, in getting stories into our rundown and even writing or editing those stories to be ready to air. Later on I would usually go out to gather a news story and shoot footage with a reporter, which was always my favorite part of the day! I loved going out to interview and get the stories by the side of reporters Katya Guillaume (who has since moved stations) and Jaron Spor, they both taught me so much that I’ll remember when I start reporting. It was fun going out with them because local reporters are like small-town celebrities in this city and most people are excited to see us on scene, wanting to tell their story!

On one outing I was asked on the spot to do an interview with a doctor by myself and the interview was later broadcasted as part of a story that night on health-cast! On another outing, after meeting with the most giving, local airmen for a story, I was able to do a stand-up report about their story for my newsreel! I’m thrilled I had the experience of getting to go out and gather real stories in my community and learn from real reporters. I learned so much from the advice and tips of the reporters and met a lot of important members of the community as well.

Apart from getting to do cool things out in the field, I learned how to write stories, teases, and headlines the way the news team did and then I helped write them for our newscasts in my spare-time in the newsroom. I’m so thankful for the news writing practice because news writing is one thing I needed to work on. One day I got the opportunity to practice writing my very own package from interviews and b-roll footage that I later edited with the afternoon anchor at KFDX, Darrell Franklin. He thought the story was good enough to air after we edited it together and a week later he scripted it for the 5 p.m. show! Darrell was just one of the very kind, distinguished people I got to work alongside with in the newsroom. It was wonderful getting to know everyone and gather his or her advice from working in this industry, a tough one to break into!

I’m very happy with my time spent at KFDXit was the best experience I could’ve asked for and I’m hopeful for the future! I plan on going to help out in the newsroom and shadow reporters at least once a week when classes start back up. My internship at KFDX has only helped shape my career choice of wanting to start there as a reporter; I’ve been watching channel 3 since I was a young girl in high school watching the morning news while getting ready for class at 8 a.m. After this experience I’m very hopeful that by working hard and volunteering at KFDX throughout the school year that I would be recognized as a reporter to hire after graduation. I’m hopeful for the opportunity to start my career in the area I grew up in and attended college, but in the meantime I’ll be putting together the best newsreel and website possible because God works in very mysterious ways!

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