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Happy first day of November!! I’m so excited for this month, it’s my absolute favorite time of the year — well, Thanksgiving is anyways. I cannot wait to celebrate accordingly considering I didn’t get to celebrate Halloween as planned… With Halloween being on a Wednesday this year, my Halloween-week kind of fell through from several priorities. I’ve been so busy juggling class projects, presentations, scheduled events, and work that I  didn’t go out and I didn’t even have a costume this year. BUT I will say, the stuff I’ve been working on will be way more beneficial to me, encompassing past way more than just one week out of the year.

I’m excited because one of my projects is creating the first episode to my very own podcast, Capturing: Behind The Shot With Ara. In my multimedia course we are supposed to create our own podcast with two episodes pertaining to whatever we want. In my podcast I’m interviewing photographers, bloggers, and content creators that have all created amazing photographs. Each new episode will bring a new creator to the podcast to tell me the behind the scenes of some of their most treasured photographs, revealing some hilarious behind the scenes moments and their efforts, despite the obstacles thrown their way, all to get that amazing shot. It is my hope that the listener will have a few takeaways as well as several laughs from each episode in applying the guest’s methods to similar situations or learning to use them to advantage.

This week I recorded my first episode interview with Leo Gonzales, a fellow Mass Communication student and amazing photographer (@leogphotography on Instagram, check him out). I’m still currently cutting that podcast together and I can’t help but want to share it with you guys, beyond the grade assignment I’ll receive from my professor. Let me know if you guys wanna hear it, and maybe if it’s not terrible when I’m finished editing I will share lol!

Along with this project, today I had a professional “mock interview” as part of my internship course where a few several employers in the community come to the university to interview my classmates and I individually during out scheduled times. During our interview the employer looks over our resumes and asks us detailed questions pertaining to the job we want to apply for after graduation, like if it were that real interview. This helps us brush up, receive constructive criticism, and prepare for those real interviews coming soon! Speaking of soon, tomorrow morning I’m meeting with my advisor to sign up for my last semester of college classes ever before graduation… it’s actually bittersweet to think about.

As much as I’ve been so ready to graduate and get out of school, so much of my life is about to change and I’m just trying to enjoy it while it’s still somewhat normal. I feel like I’ve been more social and outgoing to all my classmates this semester — why is it always senior year I choose to do this?? I’m getting to know all of them even more just to leave them for life come this summer, most likely. Recently I’ve even been catching myself being aware that walking to my classes will be the last time I do so under the fall leaves, or that I’ll never attend another homecoming or football game as a student. (I know I sound super emotional and like I’m tearing up right now but that’s just because I got super emotional and I’m tearing up right now.) But really, it is the small stuff that makes it all bittersweet. The ‘last time’ of it all again, for the last time — I wanna make sure I’m getting the most out of the experience and taking it all in.

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Rust Kimono: Target | Cheetah print belt: Missguided | Tan OTK boots: Very Volatile (sold out, similar from Nordstrom) | White tank: PIKO (sold out, similar from Free People) | Denim Jeans: Nordstrom | Canteen purse: Michael Kors

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