how to: bubble ponytail

Happy Christmas Eve Eve you guys! In the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to share one of my most-requested ‘how-to’ hairstyles with you guys so that you can rock this style at your next Christmas or NYE party!

A little background info on this vid. — this IS my first and only video to produce for As Always, Ara so far. However, I absolutely loved making this video tutorial and do hope to make more in 2019 considering I’m a broadcast student and make videos on the regular, it’s about time to amp up my vlogging game! This video was actually my final project for my broadcast class and while my grade reflects a good production, I hope you guys enjoy this video and find it useful!

Getting Started:

This hairstyle literally takes less than five minutes to do and is so different and fun. I’ve listed this in the tutorial video below, but all you need is —

  • a few elastic hair ties
  • a few bobby pins
  • hairspray (optional)


Again, I really hope you guys enjoy this tutorial, I’d love to hear from you guys so leave me a comment below after watching!

As always,


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