4 reasons you need a silk pillowcase rn

So I’ve gotta be honest, I’ve never cared to consider the kind of fabric I lay my head on at night to sleep or how a simple change in the fabric could be the key to better hair days and softer skin, but after making the switch, I’m fully convinced a silk pillowcase DOES make all the difference.

My mom first turned me on the idea of a silk pillowcase. In fact, without asking, she ordered the entire family silk pillowcases (even my brothers girlfriend!) and told us to use them because “we should!” I didn’t fight her on the idea, I mean it’s just a change in my pillowcase aaand she did get one to match my bedding after all, so I gave it a try after listening to her tell me that “it’s so good for me!!”

Honestly after the first night of sleeping on the silk pillowcase, I knew I could never go back to, what even is it? Cotton? Nylon? Do we even know or ever question? I guess not, I just knew it WAS better than what I was used to — not only was it more comfy, I immediately noticed my face felt softer after a few sleeps and I didn’t wake up with my hair knotted and tangled from heavy sleep. Though, in case you need more convincing to switch out your pillowcase, here’s 4 reasons you need to make the switch:

  1. Cotton pillowcases actually draw in moisture from your hair and face (think of all the products you apply right before bed…ew) which dries out your skin, sometimes even causing irritation, whereas the silk pillowcase helps to retain moisture in your skin by not drawing it in. This helps with breakouts because you’re no longer sleeping on a product build-up pillowcase that irritates your skin overnight!
  2. Because silk is an ultra-soft fabric, it keeps your face soft and smooth and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles!! (pro-tip: instead of smashing your face against rough cotton all night, smash it against silk)
  3. Unlike cotton pillowcases, a silky-soft pillowcase reduces friction on your hair at night that causes damage like spilt ends, frizz and less shine!
  4. Silk has natural hypoallergenic properties that include a resistance to dust mites, fungus, mold, and other allergens! Silk pillow = better health.

Honestly, silk pillowcases are the cherry on top of a skin care routine. I didn’t know I needed one until I had it and now I can’t go anywhere without it. Sleepover? I’m bringing my silk pillow. Staying in a hotel? I’m bringing my silk pillow. Long road trip in the car? Yeah, I’m bringing my silk pillow.

While silk pillowcases are quickly becoming more popular, some brands are charging upwards of hundreds of dollars for a silk pillowcase. I can tell you that you don’t need to go out and buy the most luxurious of silk pillowcases to get the job done. In fact, the exact one I have that even features a zipper to keep your pillow secured inside (highly recommended since a silk pillowcase can slide off the pillow completely while you sleep) was under $25 from Amazon with two-day shipping — I’ve linked it below along with some “popular” and “reasonable” options for silk pillowcases!

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My silk pillowcase: Amazon | LilySilk pillowcase: LilySilk |Morning Glamour pillowcase: Target | Slip pillowcase: Nordstrom |Z-Supply pajama top: Z-Supply |Pajama shorts: Victorias’ Secret

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