Show Up For Yourself


“Show up for yourself.”

A sentence I’ve seen, for some reason or another, written several times lately — woven into beautiful quotes and good-hearted pieces of advice. Because of its repeated occurrence in my life and way of keeping my attention, I’ve had a lot of time to think over these 4 words. For one, what does it mean to show up for yourself? We are who we are. We see our faces in the mirror each morning. We go about our days. We sign away our names on traces of ourselves. Though really, showing up for yourself is a much more personal thing.

Showing up for yourself means loving and honoring yourself. It’s making yourself your first priority. It’s catching yourself when you fall. It’s putting yourself out there for the chance of obtaining something great. It’s standing up for yourself when you know you deserve better. It’s going on despite a difficult situation because the end game is worth it to you.

Showing up for yourself means that you make choices that honor your needs as they arise. It’s that little voice you hear quite often in your head coming to your aid. It’s deciding that you don’t need anyone to come to your rescue because you are saving yourself, your peace of mind.

“There will be moments in life when showing up for yourself will mean leaving behind the people who don’t.” — Alex Elle

It’s little quotes like “show up for yourself” that remind me that if what I’m pursuing or experiencing doesn’t feel good for me then I should do something about it. Showing up for yourself has a lot to do with knowing your self-worth. You have to have a clear vision of who you are and what you truly desire from your life in order to make choices that lead you there. If you don’t believe you can do better than what is making you less than happy then you won’t do better. No one should ever want more for you than you do for yourself — and better yet, never expect anyone to. Only we know the way we feel, why, and what we want. If you’re not showing up for yourself, who are you showing up for?

Showing up for yourself is the most important thing you could do for you. Your relationship with yourself sets the tone of every other relationship you have and the small choices we make or don’t make on a daily basis actually effect the rest of our lives like dominoes. To not be dependent on outside forces to get you where you want your emotional, physical, mental and state to be is to be brave and free and to love ourselves. There is no one in the world who can do this for you but you.

“Do the work. Show up. Trust yourself.” — Alex Elle

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Bell-sleeve romper: BuddyLove (sold out, similar from Missguided) | Tall black booties: Nordstrom | Earrings & necklace: Kendra Scott

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