Senior Shoot Series: Part Two

I asked Devon of Devon J. Imagery if she could include some professional headshots in my senior shoot to use for my career path and she gave me no shortage of amazing images to choose from. A few of these shots will be featured on my professional website that I’ll be using to share things like my resume, my newsreel, and a short biography of TV reporter related importance with future employers! My website is still a work in progress, but I love the images I’ve chosen to use from this look!

The beautiful topaz jewelry featured in these photos belonged to my grandmother and was essentially what I styled this whole ‘professional-ish’ look around. You may recognize the jewelry from other photoshoots I’ve done, my birthday shoot for example; I wear it every chance I get for special occasions. Obviously my senior pictures had to include this jewelry set, but I think these photos were made special because of it.

For the most part, I’ve never felt more grown up than I do now. As a soon to be college graduate, the first in my family, I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot during my time at Midwestern State University — I think she would be proud. My grandma, my Nana, used to tell me since I was just a toddler that the ocean blue, topaz set would belong to me one day when I was grown up because of my blue eyes. Though I always imagined her giving them to me personally in a finer setting, perhaps after my college graduation, her passing my senior year in high school left them to me. When I look at these photos now, as a senior again about to graduate, I think they represent the grown-up woman she was waiting for and I will always cherish my senior photos when I look at them because of it.

I wanted a neutral colored top for these headshots because I wanted the blue topaz to stand out and I fell absolutely in love with this white lace bodysuit, I’ve linked it below for you guys! I couldn’t begin to search for a better white top for this outfit. The intricate design of the layered lace and paneled lace sleeves makes it a definite eye-catcher! Devon knew I needed nothing more than a simple outdoor background to let the jewelry and top do their thing, so she picked a gorgeous marble building downtown and brought a little stool to compose these headshots.

Funny story about that stool actually… We got so carried away during this photoshoot, our very first look of the day, that we completely forgot about the stool and left it behind at this first location for the entire duration of my shoot and well after I had gotten back home for the day. Luckily, Devon returned to retrieve it after all that time and it was still there ya’ll!! I’m telling you, there’s always a little something extra that makes each photoshoot interesting!

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White lace top: Fashion Nova |Black cigarette pants: Shein | Black block heels: Dillard’s

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