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My tennis court photoshoot dreams came to life with the help of my friend and super talented photographer, Leo Gonzales (@leogphotography on Instagram). It was his idea to do some crazy makeup to liven this, perhaps now basic, location up and I got excited to experiment! I was inspired by the trending artwork of faces painted out of lines to do this makeup. I’ve seen the artwork on canvases, earrings, necklaces, and even clothing these days and Leo agreed the lines would almost look geometric against those of the tennis court.

I have no doubt how odd I must have appeared to anyone that saw me with my painted face that day, but I am so happy with how these unique photos came out to care! I didn’t do the paint all by myself though, Leo was there to help me! In the women’s bathroom of my college, he and I stood hesitantly to make any wrong stroke on my face… (it was after hours on a Friday, so no one was there!) We used regular ol’ acrylic paint and Crayola paint brushes and I tried not to worry if the craft paint would make my face break out. (Good news is, it didn’t) I’ve had this pink, plaid overall-romper for over a year now and I finally had the perfect place to wear it. I just paired it back with a white top and sneakers to not make this look any busier than it was!

We took to our university’s tennis court for this photoshoot (1 of 2 courts in town), where several athletes were practicing, and found an empty court to use. Leo always has so many ideas for posing and we bounce ideas off each other the entire time, he’s easy to collaborate with! We ended up staying at this location for an hour and a half which is probably the longest shoot I’ve ever done, we just got carried away with all the possibility. It truly is fun to bring out that common interest we share while shooting, we both have a different eye for things so there’s lots of room for creativity. I’m sure between us there will be even more creative shoots in the future!

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