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Life update! I’m living with my best friend and apart from being my roommate, he just happens to be the love of my life! I understand how this news may sit with a few of you guys oddly. If you know Mason and I, you know we have only known each other for 6 months… but when you know, you know.

It’s a really funny story how I happened to meet Mason. Back in April, I was living in an apartment complex during school. Having ordered 4 or 5 dresses to try for my birthday, I went to the front office where mail goes to pick them up. That’s when I first saw him. Mason helped me get my package and I absolutely went home and told my best friend about the hot guy at the office who had the “prettiest blue eyes I’d ever seen.” I may have even called my mom. That was so out of my character, I’m not sure why I felt so obligated to tell the world about the guy working at the front office, but I do now.

Of course my mom’s advice was to find a way back into that office by any means necessary.. but truth be told, I wasn’t that bold and left well-enough alone. I didn’t see or hear from the blue-eyed boy from the office until Mason followed me on Twitter a couple weeks later. Unsure if this was the blue-eyed boy or not, I followed his instagram to be able to see his photos to be sure, and it was! I finally knew his name! He DM’d me on Instagram not too long after I’d followed him.. and well, the rest is history.

We’ve been hanging out literally everyday since the day after he DM’d me. We had an instant connection, we were then and still are inseparable. As the lease to my apartment went up and his roommates moved out and on with their lives after the semester ended and graduation passed, we talked about living together, despite it being a little crazy for even us. After only a little convincing, our parents soon agreed that us living together made total sense. I would probably be over at his house overnight regardless of where I called home, so this made it easier.

Fast forward a couple months… and this is life. Mason makes everything better. He loves me so good and I know we’d both do anything to spend a little extra time together — at times, we have. He’s the only person I know that would wake up with me every morning and help me get ready for work by making my morning coffee, packing my lunch, steaming my clothes for me, and sitting with me while I finish up my makeup. What a man! Though, my favorite part of the day is when I return from work. I get off work later than he does, but when I pull up the drive, he rushes outside to open my car door and sometimes even sweeps me off my feet to carry me inside. He makes shopping for new clothes or more food a whole lot more fun. He supports all my dreams and helps them come to life. He makes all my bad days brighter. There’s a whole lot of love there.

These days, Mason and I are still trying to finish decorating and setting up our house. Our kitchen is definitely the most-used space in our house, so it’s been the easiest to piece together. I’ve got to share a couple finds that we are loving and use on the daily — no exaggeration. One being my Nespresso machine. I’ve been a Keurig girl my entire college career, but was definitely unaware of how amazing having a Nespresso machine would be. Though a little pricey, this machine saves me $5-10 a day. I crave my expresso drinks from my machine over any big brand coffee house any day — my go to places for coffee used to be either Chick-Fil-A or Starbucks. Now I use the double espresso called “scuro” mixed with a little vanilla syrup and milk! Mason and I have become little baristas in the kitchen in the mornings, but being honest, my coffee tastes better when he makes it for me!

Another fan-favorite in our house is our Ninja air-fryer. If we’re not using it to make lunch and dinner, it’s usually one or the other a day! We have the 4 quart which makes a well-enough amount of food for the both of us, but if not, it only takes minutes to whip up another batch of mozzarella sticks, popcorn chicken, jalepeno poppers, or whatever we happen to be making. Leftovers become crispy and most of the time, better than at the time we ordered it. Air fryer = no more soggy, microwave fries. Probably the best part is because items are air-fried, there is no dripping, greasy mess covering the food — even when you’re not eating healthy, you can cook healthy! We’ve made so many quick and easy dinners completely from this machine, I honestly couldn’t recommend it enough! I’ve linked both of our most-used kitchen items from Amazon at the end of this blog if you’re looking to up your coffee or freezer-food game!

I adore living with Mason and our life together… making fun out of cooking dinner together and making the best snacks for a lazy afternoon. I never thought I’d find myself living with my person. But I couldn’t imagine life any other way. It just goes to show that despite feeling like a love like this doesn’t exist for everyone, (my exact thoughts before) if you let go of your pre-concieved notion of love, quit allowing yourself to be loved half-heartedly, and seek what you deserve… you will find it.

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Ninja air fryer: Amazon| Nespresso virtuo machine: Amazon | Expresso pods: Amazon


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