the most wonderful time{piece} of the year – JORD

The clock is ticking as we countdown to Christmas! I’m keeping track with the help of my newest timepiece addition from JORD. I was so excited to be able to work with this company, their watches are truly one-of-a-kind, making them great conversation starters! The first day I wore my ‘Frankie’ watch to my classes and work I received so many compliments – it’s so easy to spread the word about how unique this brand is, the watch speaks for itself!

I was pleasantly surprised how much consideration goes into JORD’s packaging; not very many brands take the time to make their product an experience from the start. When I opened the box it was shipped in the smell of real wood creeped out and a cedar box was revealed! I like to keep my watches stored nicely whenever I’m not wearing them to preserve them, a box like this exceeded all other’s I’ve accumulated over the years, such as Michael Kors for example. Included in the box was a cloth for cleaning the watch face as well as the JORD preserve, a custom cleaning oil especially made to care for the wooden watch. The oil is 100% natural and is super easy to use!

I fully believe in ‘treat yo self’ and had zero guilt while ordering my ‘Frankie‘ in zebrawood and navy. I love to wear watches, I wear one everyday and it was time to add a new one to my collection. I appreciate unique watches; I believe a watch makes a statement, like a reflection on yourself and your style. I chose this specific watch because I loved the zebrawood look, like all of their watches, the wood is 100% natural and hand-finished. I was also looking for a larger faced watch and the sapphire crystal glass in navy would go with so many of my outfits – I tend to gravitate towards blue hues. JORD has endless options for unique wooden watches, I found several that I would love to gift my boyfriend from the men’s collection this Christmas and my mom has already made it her mission to get her a JORD watch from the women’s collection just like me – she’s so cute!

If you’re still struggling with what to gift a loved one this Christmas, really consider JORD for a new timepiece. There is nothing more special you could give someone than something they will wear and use every single day. Once more, you can even engrave personalized messages onto the watch to make it even more so unique! I love my new JORD timepiece, I would never devote my time and my blog space to a product I didn’t truly believe in. These sophisticated watches belong under your tree this Christmas. In hope of making that happen I’m offering a 25% off discount for a JORD timepiece! To receive this discount, follow this link here, enter your name and email address and have the code sent to your inbox! This code expires December 15, 2017 so be sure not to pass up this deal! I know you all will love your JORD timepiece as much as I do!

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Luxury Wooden Watch

Leather embellished sweater: sold out | Camel skirt: Sewn Clothing Gallery | Booties: sold out (similar here) | Bag: Target | Sunglasses: Ray-BanΒ ‘Cats 5000’ | Watch: JORD ‘Frankie’

happy holla days

Wrapped up Thanksgiving with a big sparkly bow – happy holla days everyone! I hope you all spent the break with loved ones surrounded with endless leftovers, or at the least, had a restful, long weekend. My family and I ate off our Thanksgiving leftovers up to Saturday (perks of having Thanksgiving in your own home). We were still eating leftovers while putting up the Christmas tree on Friday! Fun fact – my family has had the same Christmas tree for 20 years now, my parents got it when I was just a few months old. Surprisingly, it’s still as big and full as ever and brings the Christmas spirit just as it has for years.

Over the past two decades, our tree has been decorated many different ways. Every year we find new ornaments to add, or different color lights to use. Our tree topper has changed from angels to stars, to now a big giant bow! I can remember literal fights with my little brother about who would get the great honor of placing the star on top of the tree – these day’s we argue about who isn’t helping decorate as much. I remember the ornaments made over the years in school that you just couldn’t wait to place on the tree when you got home – I even remember bringing home an ornament from my sorority my freshman year in college. All my life I’ve woken up on Christmas morning, teamed up with my little brother and sought out the tree to see what goodies mom, dad and Santa left. The last few years my parents have been saying it’s about time to retire the old tree, and maybe that’s true. However, the tradition my parents never even knew they were creating has brought us all so much joy, we’ve made countless memories around it. I can’t imagine our Christmas any other way.

This beauty of a tree behind me in these photos is the Graham Christmas tree in our town square. Every year our square is lit up with different light displays assorted on the lawn. It’s nothing like the Christmas lights you pay to see, but it is festive and cute and I love that our little town puts them out each year. I was happy to see they had already put them out while I was still home for the break. I’ve been waiting to pair my recent purchase, this plaid blazer, with a fun graphic tee and since everyone is already in the Christmas spirit I brought out my festive graphic tee reading, ‘happy holla days!’ Blazers don’t mean your outfit has to be serious business, pairing them with a graphic tee creates a more casual look – plus if I can get away with wearing a comfy t-shirt, I will.

I loved this plaid blazer from Missguided because of the gold buttons. If you haven’t noticed, I wear gold jewelry a lot! In fact, I’m on the hunt for more silver jewelry because I only buy gold – I get it from my momma, she loves anything gold. I stacked some gold bangles on my wrist, paired these gold and grey Kendra earrings and wore a couple gold rings to make the buttons part of the look! I just adore this envelope bag I got from Target, it paired so well with the blazer in that it is also so well-structured, almost could resemble a briefcase with this outfit. I told ya’ll I’ve been waiting to pair these girlfriend jeans with so many outfits, and this look is one of them! I love the high-waist look with this blazer, they’re the perfect height for the buttons! Because the bottom of the jeans are cropped higher, I chose these nude, mule booties to complete my look.

As we gear up for Christmas, I wanna know – does your family have any special traditions you can’t imagine the holidays without? Leave me a comment down below!

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Plaid blazer: (sold out already) similar also from Missguided | Graphic tee: Target | Girlfriend jeans: Amuse Society | Kendra Scott earrings: Skylar in slate | Envelope bag: Target | Mule booties: Target