life update — shaping summer ’18

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what’s going on in my life! For the most part I’ve been insanely busy with college work which is why I haven’t been posting a blog each week like usual. Things are getting exciting though! I’m rounding up my last semester as a

more life, more everything

This year was the big one — 21!!! My birthday happened to fall on a Sunday this year, April 22nd, otherwise known as Earth day. I celebrated turning 21 at midnight on Saturday in one of the new local bars in Wichita Falls with all of my best people! It


I’ve been so excited to share my newest Dear Heart Designs necklace with you guys! This piece, called ‘Known,’ has become my favorite to wear daily and is a great conversation starter to talk about Jesus! What I love the most about Dear Heart Designs is the beautiful mission behind

what you should know about mono

This is the first blog post that I’ve actually questioned, “should I share this?” I know that talking about an illness can be gross, and well, a little TMI. However, when I started my blogger/influencer journey I knew what I would be getting myself into, and that is sharing my

21 candles for my Valentine

Valentine’s Day is such a happy, sweet day! No matter if you’re in a relationship or single, it’s a day to spread love to those you hold close to your heart (it’s also when like THE best chocolate is out). The month of February became very special to me after

g r l p w r

I knew it the minute I saw this shirt, I had to have it! ‘Babes support babes’ is a motion I encourage. For those of you who have been following me for some time, you may even remember a blog I devoted and even named after the phrase — click

dream chasing

Breaks over and class is in session; I feel it all over.. It’s only been 1 week since college classes began and I’m already exhausted! When syllabus week stops being syllabus week, you know you’re getting old. I’m a second semester junior and I’m here to tell you that, in

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