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My first facial

Getting my first facial was yet another one of those experiences where I question why I never tried it before! In my defense, and I’m probably not alone here, I didn’t realize there were benefits to facials besides an ultimate state of relaxation and refreshment. Recently I’ve been trying to

fashion meets freak show

So you guys I basically have the coolest job ever at Sewn Clothing Gallery because I get to do amazing things such as shoot for lookbooks, star in commercials and billboards, and even walk runways! To think I actually get paid to do these things while I’m in college is

how to get luscious lashes – naturally

I was born with naturally short, blonde eyelashes so go-figure I’ve always lusted after long, dark lashes. Seeing celebrities and beautiful girls on social media with perfect makeup and luscious lashes had me trying all kinds of ways to achieve the look I wanted. After stages of over-coating my lashes

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