Tag: Thanksgiving

leo G Photography — part two

Happy Thanksgiving you guys!! I hope by now you’ve all had the chance to get your bellies full and gather with family. I’m taking time to write this blog in between my first plate of turkey settling and grabbing dessert, but I HAD TO share these photos with y’all ASAP

giving thanks

Happy hump day you guys! We are halfway through the week and only 8 days out from Thanksgiving. It may be unpopular, but I like to take it one holiday at a time. This means you will not find my tree up until after Thanksgiving, nor will I have started

all the fall feels

Hello November! Gosh it’s so nice to say that again. It’s officially holiday season, the most wonderful time of the year, and I welcome it with open arms! November is wonderful for many reasons, I’ve always identified it as the month of change – good change. While for many January

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