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rebuilding broken bricks

I didn’t consider it at the time but while editing these photos I came to realize how this location, a broken down store in the heart of downtown Wichita Falls, is a kind of a symbol of my current self. For reasons I could probably explain over several lengthy blog

this just in – interning at KFDX 3 News

This week marks the sixth week of my internship at KFDX 3 News and the end of my internship altogether… I’m sad my last two days are this week because it’s the end of one of the best opportunities I’ve ever had to work in news broadcasting. I would definitely

life update — shaping summer ’18

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about what’s going on in my life! For the most part I’ve been insanely busy with college work which is why I haven’t been posting a blog each week like usual. Things are getting exciting though! I’m rounding up my last semester as a

fringe, party of one

I thought today called for something especially fun because I signed up for my junior year, spring semester classes; after which I’ll be done with my basics AND my last semester of Spanish! *shimmies in my fringe jacket* Mass communication majors require 2 years of foreign language and learning another

All On My Own

The First Year So that was it. You’ve thrown your cap in the air, the whole gym goes crazy – applauds, cheering and laughter – you did it. You look around at the peers you spent 13 years with, some you’ll never see again and others who will become simple acquaintances.

A Week Away At College

August 26, 2015 My Personal Experience It’s actually hard to believe I’ve only been at college for a week, which makes it only harder to understand that I’m going to be away at college for such a long time. I moved into my dorm at Midwestern State University this past

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